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I remember my mom receiving that heart breaking phone call from Police Officer Grant on that fateful Friday night. The confusion, heartbreak and tears on her face shocked everyone in our living room as to what was going on in her mind. Her only biological son was involved in a deadly car crash with a big truck. He was responding to a text from his over-possessed girlfriend college application essay review which read “call me now” and lost control of his car. His came as a big blow to the family as my brother was always seen as the responsible one and the love of the family. I have then learnt that there is no text message that is worth one losing his or her life for. People are continuously obsessed with their phones, checking Google, Twitter, Facebook, text messages etc.

To stop people from texting and driving, one of the major phone companies, AT&T, address this problem by creating AT&T’s It Can Wait to text and driving campaign to spread awareness. Many stories and documentaries are also posted online to support this campaign.

Essay on Texting and Driving

When it comes to the danger of texting while driving, all three types of distractions are put to practice. Looking at a phone means at least one hand is off of the wheel.

How common is texting and driving?

Texting and driving statistics (updated)

16.2% of drivers in 2021 have texted while driving, a 2.2% decrease from drivers in 2020. Over half of all respondents (52.4%) believe that using a GPS on your phone is less dangerous than actually texting while driving, despite studies showing otherwise.

Drivers use the cell phones while on the wheels and some drivers pay more attention to their phones texting more than they do to driving. Although no exact statistics are available on the phenomenon yet, the results can be fatal. The increasing number of injuries, accidents and fatalities are growing and it is attributed to this behavior; cell phone use while driving. In spite of all this statistics on fatalities and injuries, more and more people continue to use these electronic devices whilst driving.

Dangers of Texting while Driving

Seeing the danger in this is very evident, especially around intersections. Cell phone use is rapidly becoming part of our daily lives but concern has been raised that use of cell phones while driving threatens public safety. Some states have passed laws banning the use of phones while driving but people still continue to use phones obvious of the danger. The main reason given is that of keeping in touch and the pressure of internet life that makes people use the phone while driving. There is evidence that using a cell phone while driving poses risk to the driver and others and therefore there should be a prudent use of phones while driving.

  • Texting and emailing were just as common no matter a student’s GPA.
  • While driving, I’ve had to take defensive action to protect myself from people texting on their phones.
  • If you often drive with others in the car, another good option is to hand your phone to another passenger to hold onto until you reach your destination.

Very few of the people know about cyberbullying on social media, it can happen with anyone at any place at any time. Bullying is defined as when someone abuse other and harass other in one or another way. The app when downloaded will automatically turn on when you are driving 15miles per hour and turns off after you stop. For premium users, an automated message can be sent to people trying to reach them.

What is texting and driving?

In the end, I would like to recommend using at least of the solutions rather than blatantly using a smartphone. According to Liz Marks, a driver who has gotten into a car accident due to texting and driving, “I ignored those warnings about texting while driving because everyone else was doing it. Ever since the emergence of cell phones, this generation has become heavily dependent on it for every minute of every day. Cell phones and texting were created ultimately to provide communication but it has now become so much more than that. Statistics also show that “Seventy-one percent of young people say they have sent a text while driving. As a result, thousands of people die every year in crashes related to distracted driving,” (

help with texting and driving essay

People who text while driving pay more attention to the activity that is going on within the phone and forget that they are driving. With this choice, it is a chance that the driver will lose control of the vehicle.

Texting and Driving : Modern Life Without Mobile Devices

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  • Besides, what encourages people to engage in texting in the car is the example of other drivers.
  • The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example.
  • While technology has become an important part of our day to day lives, resisting the urge to look at your phone while driving can save many lives.
  • In order to do so, they have to take a cell phone into one hand and drive a car with their free hand.
  • They must always pay keen attention to their driving while also paying attention to their phones at different times.

Stress at our jobs, busy lives outside of work, and technology, among other things, all take up space in our minds. When these distractions get in the way of a task as important and dangerous as driving, however, accidents happen. Apart buy dissertation online from that, texting while driving influences the speed at which the car moves. Those who read and type the text messages at the wheel are likely to decrease their speed increasing the space between the vehicles in front of them.

What are the Dangers of Texting while Driving?

It doesn’t matter where the cell is located; whether it is on the dashboard or the steering wheel, your eyes are not where they have to be in order to drive safely. The driver eyes are required to be on the road at all times. Many believe that just a quick peep at your cell phone is harmless but all it takes is just one second for the car in front of you to hit complete breaks. In that second of looking at your cell, a accident may occur. One day, I was driving my mother’s car and I got a text message from my friend asking me what I had plan for that night. I wasn’t on the main road and the car in front of me was relatively ahead. As I looked down to simply read the message with no intention to text back while driving, I found myself ditching a hole in the road and crashed into another car.

What are 3 responsibilities of a driver?

  • Transport clients and/or packages to and from destinations.
  • Arrive at destinations on schedule.
  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups.
  • Research and plan for traffic, construction and weather delays.
  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route.

However, this might not always be an option when you need to use your GPS or if you use your phone for entertainment purposes while driving. You can use an app while you drive (we make some suggestions for good apps below!) and simply make a habit of activating the app before you hit the road. If you often drive with others in the car, another good option is to hand your phone to another passenger to hold onto until you reach your destination. If instead you typically drive alone, you can always close up your phone in the glove compartment, your purse, in the center storage console under your armrest or in any other place where you cannot reach it. That way, you can have your phone connected to the vehicle for entertainment purposes but will avoid texting and driving. 1) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2012, driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes. Due to increasing use of cell phones and other electronic devices, this percentage is likely to have risen over the past three years.

Essays Related to The Dangers of Texting and Driving

This would help them realize how their actions do affect others. Texting and driving has become a deadly epidemic among teenage drivers. It is a distraction and leads to many consequences including car wrecks and loss of life.

In conclusion, it can be remarked that the problem of texting while driving is increasing day by day particularly among young generation. It is time to take radical moves to prevent distracted driving of vehicles on the roads. Although many efforts have been done by authorities to stop this problem, yet human beings are still confronted with it.

Notes on Cell Phones, Texting and Driving

The harms are inherent in texting while driving might not be eminent to you until you actually take time out to brush up on the statistics. Reading information from publications online would reveal to you and expose the tangibility of the dangerous potentials of this act.

If a given issue has such a negative impact, people should avoid it and try to solve it. Until recently, most cellphone safety measures – such as voice dialing and hands-free headsets – were focused on keeping drivers’ help with texting and driving essay eyes on the road. Now, various technology companies are competing to bring texting-safety apps to market. Many of the apps will simply block texts from being sent or received while the owner is driving.

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Better still, you could leave your phone in the car but where your hands cannot easily extend to. These tips will totally help you check the habit of texting while driving. Fatal road accident can be defined as a death resulting from an unfortunate mishap happened on a public road involving one or more vehicle. The world has the highest road dissertation statistics help fatality risk among the ASEAN and made it to the top three countries in the world of the list of fatal road accidents with a death rate of 23 per 100,000 populations. By means of this, about 7000 to 8000 people in Malaysia died due to road accidents annually, based… Technology has changed the world this is a widely acknowledged fact.

help with texting and driving essay