LimeFX review ++ Is it a scam or not?

And you can long into both account types on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Being registered with the regulatory agency and having a license, passing audits, informing customers about service changes, etc. are some of these criteria. That’s why it’s safer to work with licensed forex brokers to protect yourself from fraud. These brokers are subject to constant audits and reviews to meet the requirements. It has over 10,000+ registered users and over 1 years of experience on its own record. They’re one of the world’s leading trading platforms and also a dominant figure in the Fintech revolution.

LimeFX broker reviews

I think this platform can be very useful for anyone who is using automated strategies or scalping systems that need the best possible pricing, with tight spreads and fast execution speeds. It provides high-speed connectivity without any trading platforms in the middle, you have direct exchange access. You can gain access to an impressive variety of over 71 different LPs using the aggregation technology. Your connections are directly plugged into the NY4 and LD4 Equinix datacentres so that you are next to Tier1 banks and liquidity providers who are clearing your orders. It is an excellent platform for placing OCO orders which is not possible on many retail trading platforms.

Our full LimeFX review for beginners covers all you need to know about trading via LimeFX. A fantastic agent can take your initial LimeFXs and help to protect it from losses but also provide you a platform that can help to give you positive profits. If you would like to make profits, you should trade with a brokerage service that aligns with your investing goals. All of the information about the brokers you see reviewed on come from our partners, some of whom we have an affiliate relationship with. The datapoints provided are used to calculate a rating based on what we beileve has the most benefit to their users. With MetaTrader 4, or MT4, clients get the experience of world-class execution speeds.

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This may seem to be a little number, but over the entire year, this adds to a substantial number of gains. Even though LimeFX provide you all the tools to make money, they cannot guarantee you will profit. There are multiple ways to finance your accounts with LimeFX. LimeFX charges an inactivity fee if you don’t make any trades for a while. If you feel that LimeFX is not right for you then at the bottom of this LimeFX review you wil find a lot of alternatives to LimeFX. If you are a new entrant in the world of trading and broker, so many facts will be perplexing for you.

No, LimeFX does not offer customer support through email. No, LimeFX does not offer customer support over the telephone. It simplifies this standing to its unbelievable platform and wide selection of resources plus tools so that you may put money into capital markets. Over 10,000+ users registered with them can reaffirm their trustable nature. The process to start trading withLimeFX is perhaps simple enough to be a cakewalk. On the other hand, a spread refers to the difference between the buying and selling cost.

  • The live chat available on the broker’s web page 24/7 with fast and ready-to-help customer support team.
  • They offer you free access to seminars and webinars, downloadable content, and glossaries to help build your knowledge base.
  • In such conditions, the user receives a reduced size of spreads (from 0.2 points).
  • All dealers can put aside all their worries when trading using hantec fx.
  • LimeFX is an online brokerage firm operated by the Hantec Group.
  • When you move money into your trading account from your bank account, a deposit fee can be billed by the broker.

In addition, price chart is also usually provided with some analytical tools to help you analyze the price movement, so you can increase your profitabiliy by placing well-planned trades. Activity is legal on every continent of the planet which automatically increases the confidence index to the forex broker. No, LimeFX does not offer customer support through live chat. If your balance is negative, LimeFX indicates that you contact client services. Through LimeFX, many traders earn a great deal of money.

Trade more than 6,000 markets without commissions and professional platforms. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. Although I rated LimeFX five stars, perhaps they could launch a social platform to open communication amongst traders. They are able to customize partnerships to suit the needs of the partner and their clients, something which a lot of brokers are unwilling to do these days. I have traded with four other well known brokers in the past but my account manager at Hantec, Andrew, appears to take a genuine interest in how you trade. I’m sorry you feel you’ve had a bad experience, however what you describe is not possible logically.

I value the information that Hantec put together and bring to the Market

If i want to closed my trading account from hantec global broker and any problem faced in withdrawals money from hantec broker. Founded in 1990, the Hantec Group provides customized and professional wealth management services for worldwide clients. It is the parent company of LimeFX that is specifically designed limefx website to offer Forex and CFD trading with great transparency. The company claims that about 70% of its new customers come from referrals from happy clients. Initially, the company provided a whole range of financial and LimeFX proposals. Since 2008, the activity has been reorganized and divided between several divisions.

LimeFX broker reviews

With 30 years of experience, LimeFX surely knows its way around the trading scene. You can rest assured that they possess all the important factors mentioned above and more. Below is all the information you need to decide on whether LimeFX is the right broker for you. There are a handful of factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a company to partner with. You have to make sure that they’re regulated, straightforward, and, most importantly, reliable.

Does LimeFX offer demo accounts?

Thieves, in addition to charging high spreads, also steal part of the withdrawal. It has a much better broker with a low spread and without deceiving the customer. provides over 40 forex pairs and over 40 CFD instruments ranging from Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Bullions for your personal LimeFX and trading options. See below typical trading fees for popular instruments, also compare LimeFX trading fees to another popular broker BDSwiss and others in the table below. Yet, recently operations are mainly held via a UK entity and specialize according to its regulations . However, because the broker is regulated by the ASIC, FMA, FCA, JSC, FSC, FSA and CGSE, there is a high chance that it is not a scam.

My most current interest lays in cryptocurrencies, especially in Ethereum and in decentralized applications. Currently, some traders say slippage is high and others have accused them of manipulating trades by not letting customers close profitable trades. All of these are signs that Hmarkets is a market maker rather than a true ECN. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. The company does not charge any withdrawal fees; however, the corresponding banking institution may charge some fees. LimeFX offers a single Live account for retail traders.

  • The deposits and withdrawals are simple and secure transactions within the LimeFX and 100% automatic, yet payment methods vary from one country to another.
  • Together with everything, hantec fx has multiple benefits to new and verteran traders and should be investigated.
  • For other trading platforms, the inactivity fee is contingent on the sort of account you have selected.
  • Most brokers do not charge an excessive amount of money for this operation.
  • So I asked them to execute my trades instead of waiting till their technical issues is resolved, and of course they dont help me and this time US100 is up 60 points.

Once you are done setting up your profile, you must deposit a minimum amount to get started. You should have a good the of online trading before you set out and trade with real money as losses can exceed deposits. Any contracts of financial instruments offered to conclude bear high risks and may result in the full loss of the deposited funds. Prior to making transactions one should get acquainted with the risks to which they relate.

Which Countries do hantec fx support?

LimeFX is an online brokerage firm operated by the Hantec Group. Also seems the broker is relatively new too I don’t know why I had to invest this these people I want my money back. LimeFX is a worldwide recognised broker with 10,000+ clients. You’ll find the clean design of the platform along with the admirable features that are pleasant to work with. LimeFX is a legit company headquarted in UK, Hong Kong since 1990. LimeFX is an acclaimed fintech company, which operates with transparency.

Although leverage is a great opportunity to increase funds, traders should be aware that the risks are also higher. One time, I was not able to trade for more than 3-4 hours, and I told them that I needed to buy dow jones. I wasnt able to execute on that day and dow went up 1000 points. Then this time, they reset my account without telling me, and obviously the account was reseted erroneously. So I was not able to execute my desired size at my desired entry levels. So I asked them to execute my trades instead of waiting till their technical issues is resolved, and of course they dont help me and this time US100 is up 60 points.

Some traders would even use options to multiply their gains significantly. As for ETFs, traders who would want exposure to a particular market would have to trade this asset class using another broker. This is because LimeFX only offer a limited number of stocks. With LimeFX, you will be trading on a global scale with a lot of asset classes to choose from.

But, non-trading fees billed by hantec fx are comparatively greater. As a result, you’re billed more for non-trading actions on your trading limefx scam account, like withdrawal and deposits. Many unprofessional brokers try to pressurise consumers into larger financing for premium services.

The reason that hantec fx asks for your passport when you open a live account is to ensure that it remains within the rules of its regulated bodies. Because there is a lot of money moving around the world, hantec fx has to be careful that they don’t breach any money laundering laws and part of that is know as KYC . This means that at all times, hantec fx must know exactly who they are dealing with so that if there is any investigation they are comfortable that they are well within the law.

If you are a professional trader or are interested in serious trading, then a minimum deposit of $1,000 would suffice as long as you are using a legitimate trading and LimeFX resource. When trading with a LimeFXpany that is regulated in the countries its services are offered, it automatically protects customers as the company is bound to adhere to certain rules and regulations. LimeFX offers a single account option for retail traders. This account offers a secure trading environment and is ideal for all types of traders.

If you remain skeptical, you can open a LimeFX demo account and assess the credibility of the platform on your own. You can use credit or debit cards Which range from Visa, Diners, and Maestro to MasterCard and Visa Electron. You must keep in mind that PayPal is not available in all place. The currencies hantec fx accepts for deposit are USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, NZD, CHF, ZAR, SGD, JPY, CAD. Withdrawal of money is possible at any time from the hantec fx account.